We enable companies to leverage IT to realize their business strategies, explore new opportunities, grow competencies and forge closer ties with their customers. Working closely with our customers as partners, we deliver and implement innovative software solutions across a number of technology platforms.

Enterprise Architecture

We offer consulting and implementation services in the Enterprise Architecture space. We have a dedicated team that promotes adoption of various Enterprise Architecture (EA) methodologies & tools, and enhancement of consulting and technical competence for providing best-of- breed services. In addition to the core group, a large pool of internally certified Enterprise Architects across various vertical.

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SAP Solutions

Kirey SAP Practice boasts one of the world’s largest pools of experienced SAP professionals. With service offerings spanning the width and depth of the SAP space, our SAP Practice delivers value across industries such as manufacturing, insurance, banking, finance, healthcare, telecom, energy and utilities. Over the years, we have developed a unique model to address customer requirements by building vertical and horizontal capabilities.

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Business Process Outsourcing

Leveraging best practices obtained from over two decades of Kirey experience, offers an array of innovative service offerings that deliver measurable business value to customers. This not only helped us differentiate ourselves from other outsourcing vendors, but also made us the ‘partner of choice’ for globally-leading companies, for their outsourcing needs.

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Cloud computing

Our Cloud Computing Practice provides thought leadership and addresses challenges by companies in the Cloud space. We have a proven track record in delivering application development, maintenance and testing services. With strong partnership with Cloud platform vendors and Cloud package and tool providers, we offer consulting and implementation services in this emerging technology space.

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