Work with us


We are looking for people with degrees in Computer Science, Business Studies, Mathematics and Economics, good knowledge of English and excellent problem solving skills.

  • The curriculum Invitations to interview are made after a careful analysis of the curriculum vitae during which the prerequisites are evaluated in detail.
  • The psychometric test During the interview, the candidate is required to undergo a psychometric test whose evaluation will help determine the final outcome.
  • The motivational interview and the technical interview The candidate’s profile is evaluated in order to understand their expectations and motivations and investigate their technical/professional knowledge and competencies.


The growth of Kirey is made possible by the inclusion of professionals of different levels of seniority, capable of bringing distinctive skills and innovative experiences to the fabric of our organization.

  • The curriculum The offer of an interview is made after careful analysis of the candidate’s career path to date.
  • The motivational interview and the technical interview The profile of the candidate is evaluated in terms of career goals, experience, achievements and going into the details of expertise and managerial skills.

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